Neolea Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Neolea Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a new Corfiot product designed to represent the quality of the oil, the culture and the history behind it.

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Neolea was born in Corfu.

The second largest island of the Ionian Islands, Corfu, whose history is rich, overflows with the heritage of the main cultures, as diverse as Corinthian, Roman, Byzantine and French. With British sovereignty for centuries, the Italian influence on Corfu’s architecture, language and cuisine is profound.

The Venetians and Corfiots have created a tradition that still exists. Together they were the leaders in the cultivation of olive trees in Corfu. Today Corfu boasts more than four million olive trees and Neolea is proud to share this precious gift of nature.

The visitors of Corfu love the green scenery of the island, the pristine beaches, the abundance of vegetation and color, history and local products. Neolea extends the promise of Corfu for rich experience and pure tastes.