Absolut Level

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Bottle: 1L Alcohol: 40% Type: Vodka

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Level Is Achieved By A Proprietary Combination Of Continuous And Batch Distillation To Form A Perfect Balance Of Smoothness And Character. A New Level Of Vodka. V&S ABSOLUT SPIRITS announces the launch of Level, a new vodka of the highest quality. Level is the perfect balance of smoothness and character, which is achieved by a unique combination of two distillation methods, a new level of vodka. Level is Absolut’s ultra premium vodka, it was launched in 2004 and is made from winter wheat. It is incredibly smooth, and was launched as a direct competitor to France’s popular Grey Goose. Some would argue that Absolut has responded too late to the super premium vodka category launching it in 2004, when other like Skyy and Grey Goose have several years head start.

Type Vodka
Country Sweden
Alcohol 40%

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