Grey Goose Explorer

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Bottle: 0.70L Alcohol: 40% Type: Vodka

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Grey Goose Explorer Pack is a beautiful wooden case that has been finished with an eye for detail. Beautiful martini glasses with matching sticks. Furthermore, a glass carafe specially designed for this occasion. Of course a bottle of Grey Goose vodka and a manual that should provide the correct ‘Grey Goose Martini’. French grain vodka with a soft, slightly sweet taste. Made with the best ingredients and thanks to genuine craftsmanship. Gray Goose vodka is distilled from soft winter grain and pure spring water from the limestone hills of the Champagne region. Gray Goose vodka was founded by Sidney Frank who also previously launched Belvedere vodka. Since 2004 Gray Goose vodka is owned by the Bacardi group. Thanks to the traditional tradition of firing in five continuous phases with ‘la Beauce’ grain, you get a powerful taste with round aromas and a firm aftertaste. Beautiful decorative suitcase. Very soft accessible vodka with almond scent. Perfectly balanced, pure to the end.

Type Vodka
Country France
Alcohol 40 %

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